Hard Rock, Pop Punk, Metal, Acoustic, and Inde Bands
Over 8 hours of non-stop music
  Three stages with alternating perfomances
  Band Merch & Food, Comercial & Community Vendors

Park Rock 2015 Bands

The line-up of bands are to be announced soon,  If your band wants to play at Park Rock 2015, send an email to booking@pjma.info with the subject: Park Rock Fest 2015,








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About Park Rock 2015

We have refreshed the website with new content for the "About" Park Rock Fest. Had some issue with the menus that tooks some time to fix.  You will also see that we have updated our web icon on the address bar to match up with our 2015 Theme.

Website Under Construction for Park Rock 2015

Starting on Sunday April 5th we are working on changing this website for the 2015 event.  New Date, New Location, and some major new bands will be playing at Park Rock 2015.  Keep checking the site for updates.  The blog will post our progress

Blunt Force Rebellion joins the lineup for Park Rock Fest

We are pleased to announce that Blunt Force Rebellion joins the lineup for Park Rock Fest 2014, they are replacing Vilis who broke up.  Check out the band at their face book site https://www.facebook.com/bluntforcerebellion.  They are a 5 piece band that hails from Huntingtown MD playing heavy metal.   To enjoy Blunt Force Rebellion and all the other bands, arrive before 11 AM and enjoy the all day show.  Gates close at 9 PM.

Comisado is now Minutes Till Midnight

Comisado has announced a band name change to "Minutes to Midnight".  Park Rock Fest 2014 is their last show under the name Comisado, after that look for them by their new name.  We will be showing the new name on the final program, but keep the old name on all of our pre-show promotional materials. If you want to look them up on the web use their new name "Minutes to Midnight"

Of the Beloved is now Poured Out

Of the Beloved has announced a name change to "Poured Out" so if  you are looking for the band Facebook account use their new name to find their page.  They are sharing a special discount code for a awesome reduced price for Park Rock Tickets.